Pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Valeurs Nutritionnelles - pot de miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Étiquette arrière - pot de miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Présentation 01 - pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Présentation 02 - pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Valeurs Nutritionnelles - pot de miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Étiquette arrière - pot de miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Présentation 01 - pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"
Présentation 02 - pot de Miel de Manuka UMF 20+ de 500g "By Fort de Gourmets"

Manuka honey MGO 829+ By Fort de Gourmets - UMF 20+ / 500g

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A 100% natural honey with a remarkable flavour

Mānuka honey is world-renowned for its unique properties. Its herbaceous flavour is a delicious invitation to a culinary journey.

The combination of New Zealand Mānuka flowers and the foraging work of bees have the distinction of providing numerous benefits to the body due to the high concentration of the active agents.

Aromatic, flavorful, and dressed in its brown colour, this honey can be enjoyed in cooking as well as baking.

Harvested in New Zealand, this Monofloral honey offers a sweet flavour in the mouth and sublimates your preparations gustative. 

A superfood you won't be able to live without to improve your health capital! 


Premium Honey of Remarkable Purity and Quality

Mānuka Honey is a must-have product that attracts connoisseurs and gourmets. It is the king of kinds of Honey and is world-famous and recognised. Its colour tends from cream to dark brown, while its flavour picks up a characteristic mineral note. It is also described as having a woody taste. See hazelnuts with a caramelised note. 

Our Mānuka Honey UMF 20+ rating is of exceptional quality:

  • Monofloral Honey
  • Content: 500g
  • 100% natural and pure with no trace of chemicals
  • High concentration of New Zealand grown wild Manuka flowers
  • An independent laboratory tests the quality and purity of the Mānuka Honey UMF 20+ rating
  • Dark colour with a herbaceous flavour and powerful aroma
  • Certified Methylglyoxal (MGO) content of 829mg/kg
  • UMF License Number: 3008
  • The UMF Certificate of Authenticity is available for every order

Find informed consumer reviews of Miel de Mānuka by Fort de Gourmets

A source of well-being

Our FORT DE GOURMETS product line contains active molecules, present only in authentic Mānuka Honey. The virtues of our Honey are highly recognised worldwide for their natural antiseptic and restorative properties.

These antibacterial and healing properties are extraordinary, so much so that they strengthen the health capital and participate in the well-being of consumers. In particular, Mānuka Honey is known for accelerating the healing of light wounds, burns, certain skin problems and everyday ailments.

Proven Quality

In 1981, Professor Peter Molan began his research into the antiseptic properties of Mānuka Honey. He discovered that due to its exceptional concentration of Methylglyoxal, Mānuka Honey has unique antibacterial properties.

Unlike other kinds of Honey, Miel de Mānuka by Fort de Gourmets is a natural source of pleasure, guaranteeing vitality. It has several specific markers important enough to guarantee the strengthening of the health capital of gourmets.

Genuine Mānuka Honey contains unique plant phenols, some of which help prevent the growth of bacteria. The particularity of these molecules, known as Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA), acts as armour for the active agents of honey. Without these molecules, the latter deteriorates rapidly, thus greatly reducing their effectiveness. Non-Peroxide Activity is usually calculated based on Methylglyoxal (MGO) concentration.

The methylglyoxal makes this nectar an effective ally in preventing everyday ailments. To measure these benefits, Mānuka honey has several rating labels: MGO, NPA or UMF.

While the MGO label only measures the concentration of the Methylglyoxal molecule, Miel de Mānuka by Fort de Gourmets uses the UMF "Unique Mānuka Factor" index. The particularity of this label is to evaluate the quantity and joint action of the set of markers naturally present in Mānuka honey. This assures the origin, purity and quality of the honey.

Certified Quality

UMF stands for "Unique Mānuka Factor." The UMF standard includes rigorous tests, audits and controls to ensure that the honey is authentic, natural and unadulterated.

licence umf

The UMF is the only scoring system that measures the signature of these key components. These markers include Leptosperin, Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and Dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

An independent accredited scientific laboratory tests each batch. The UMF index varies depending on the quantity and quality of these markers. The higher the concentration index of these markers, the more beneficial its action will be for the consumer.

Which indices fit your needs

The antibacterial effects are useful mainly for external (e.g. with a bandage) and internal (mouth and throat) applications. For a less intense therapeutic use of our Mānuka Honey, purchase a 250g  jar of our manuka honey with an MGO rating of 829+ (UMF/NPA: 20).

notice umf

If you want to discover and taste this Antipodean wonder, any clue will do.

Equivalence of indices





UMF 5+


UMF 6+



UMF 10+



UMF 12+



UMF 15+



UMF 18+



UMF 20+



UMF 24+


Some ideas for use

Mānuka honey is a versatile food. It is a must-have ingredient in cooking as Mānuka honey can use it in baking, barbecue preparations, or roasted vegetables. Mānuka honey can consume it at a rate of one spoonful per day:

  • Mixed into cereal yoghurt
  • Spread on your fruit or toast
  • As a facial in the form of a mask
  • Integrated into your salad dressings or desserts
  • To add a beneficial effect to grandma's "remedies."

How to consume Mānuka Honey MGO 829+ ?

Consuming Mānuka honey depends on the type of use, you want to make of it. The easiest way is to consume it directly by melting it in your mouth. To get the most benefit, take one to two tablespoons of Mānuka honey daily, in the morning or evening.
Ingesting honey is not appropriate for children under 12 months of age.

A necessary price difference

Mānuka honey is a rare and coveted food. We are committed to providing the most authentic honey possible. To do this, we perform additional testing necessary to ensure that Mānuka honey meets our quality standards.

We attach great importance to compliance with the sanitary rules of production and traceability of the beekeeping industry. This requirement in terms of quality and purity requires a substantial investment.

We are committed to the quality of our products.

The benefits of Mānuka honey

Mānuka honey is a health ally of choice in that it: 

  • Relieves heartburn, inflammation, dryness and redness of the skin
  • Treats burns and infected wounds, coughs, sore throats and respiratory tract irritations
  • Prevents tooth decay and gingivitis

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Fort de Gourmets is committed to a respectful approach to the food transition. Our honey jars are BPA guaranteed and made of PET, a fully recycled and recyclable material.

We work hand in hand with our producer, who has perfected his beekeeping knowledge over three generations and is recognised as one of New Zealand's leading beekeeping companies. 

We go to great lengths to ensure you enjoy the taste and immune-boosting qualities of Miel de Mānuka by Fort de Gourmets

Share a healthy, gourmet moment with family or friends while enjoying this wonderful natural nectar.

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New Zealand
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