An essential ingredient in traditional culinary recipes in Europe and the Middle East, Honey is ideal for both savoury dishes and pastries. It can also be found in cakes, Alsatian gingerbread, meat dishes, etc. Full of qualities, it is an ingredient of choice insofar as it can replace sugar, thus bringing a healthier side to the recipes. But if you still don't think it's irreplaceable in the kitchen, the following tips will convince you otherwise. In the end, you will know how to use honey in the kitchen as a chef.

Use honey in cooking to replace sugar.

Both professionals and amateurs use honey in cooking to replace sugar because it is primarily a sweet liquid. Besides, it is not rare for pastry cooks in France to replace sugar with honey to make fruit poaching, for example. Being a 100% natural ingredient, this is why honey is so popular in the kitchen.

However, if you want to make delicious soft caramels, you should know that there are several types of honey. Thus, you will have to choose your honey by considering various criteria such as its smell, origin (guarantee of quality), or taste (rather sweet or strong and powerful).

In natural tasting

Generally speaking, honey can be presented in various aspects, namely, thick, fluid or crystallized. Therefore, it is possible to taste it in different ways, including natural. To remain simple culinary speaking, honey is an excellent ingredient to decorate breakfast. Spread on a rusk or a slice of bread to garnish a pancake or even in herbal tea and tea in the morning.

Also, depending on your honey, you can use it to flavour ice cream. Simply add a spoonful of honey to your preparation to bring the aroma of Manuka Honey, for example.

Associate with baking dishes

As mentioned earlier, honey can be enjoyed even after cooking. Although once heated at a high temperature, it loses its minerals and vitamins and still brings an exquisite taste to the mouth. In the world of gastronomy, there are countless recipes of great chefs using honey with duck, beef, pork, etc.

There is nothing tastier than good meat previously marinated with ginger and honey. Besides, these recipes will allow you to surprise your guests; if you are planning a meal with family or friends.

Finally, if you're looking for honey-based gourmet dessert recipes, click here !

This will somehow be your first step to using honey in the kitchen.

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