There is a multitude of honey available on the internet, and it can be difficult to find your way around. However, Manuka Honey is the most sought-after honey globally, thanks to its unique properties. It is more concentrated in hydrogen peroxide than other honey. It is, therefore, possible to assess the quality of this honey thanks to this benchmark. This is the reason why quality labels have been created. Among these labels is the UMF quality label. This allows consumers to be sure they are enjoying genuine Manuka Honey.

At Fort de Gourmets, we want to ensure that our customers receive a product with unique characteristics. Hence, we have gone to great lengths to certify our Honey by Unique Manuka Factor.

The quality label UMF

As the name suggests, the UMH Honey Association is an association that promotes quality and transparency. Indeed, the UMH Honey Association has a scientific programme that identifies the various unique compounds in real Manuka Honey. This programme is designed to protect consumers and the industry. But that is not the only reason! It has also been designed to make it easier to choose when buying.

However, the UMH association does not guarantee the UMF product's quality. Beyond that, it also supervises the use of the UMF quality label. In addition, the association has developed programmes and activities whose primary aim is to support licensees and consumers.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of the UMF label, the association calls on independent auditors. These auditors are responsible for regularly checking the various samples on the market. These regular checks and analyses allow consumers to be warned in case of counterfeiting. After all, it is not Manuka Honey that claims this! This quality mark is essential to give the honey credibility, and consumers can be assured that the honey has the unique properties of Manuka Honey.

The rating system

To begin with, the UMF rating system has two components that must be displayed on all UMF honey. These two components are, among others:

  • The label certifies that it is genuine Manuka honey.
  • The number reflects the degree of purity and quality of the honey. In short, this number is considered a quality index that quantifies the components of the honey. Thus offering the possibility to have visibility on the content of methylglyoxal and DHA.

The UMF association proposes a grading from 5 to 25 for Manuka Honey. 

Finally, at Fort de Gourmets, offering a premium product is one thing but having the choice is just as rewarding. Therefore, for less than two weeks, we have offered Manuka Honeys of index 5, 10, 15 and 20.

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